Make-a-Wish sends Kennewick girl to Disney

Make-a-Wish sends Kennewick girl to Disney »Play Video
TRI CITIES, Wash. -- A little Kennewick girl with a life-threatening heart condition left for Disney World today! Teagan Maxwell's dreams were granted by the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The five-year old has already had two open heart surgeries. A third one is expected this summer. Her family says none of this slows her down. Teagan's mom says it was a crazy morning in their house when they all woke up today.

"Oh it was awesome, they were all in such a good mood it was great, they woke up smiling, Teagan was jumping up and down on the bed, she was jumping like this," said Teagan's mom.

"Thank you make-a-wish, see you in Florida, bye!" said Teagan.

The family comes back in a week.