Little Kennewick burn victim recovering

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Action News is continuing to follow the progress of the little Kennewick girl who accidentally lit herself on fire last summer. The good news tonight - no more neck brace!

Last time we brought you Jadin Filla's story, she had to wear a brace around her neck 24/7 - even to sleep - but not anymore. The other piece of good news - she is about to undergo a surgery that will relieve the tightness of her scars. It will help out with the wrinkles and her range of motion. Jadin was outside playing with a lighter and a piece of paper on July 4, 2012. An unforgettable scream led her ten-year old sister to open the front door to find Jadin engulfed in flames. Doctors said she had a 10% chance of living.

"I mean it's progress, I'm happy with everything the doctors are doing, glad to see she doesn't have to wear her brace shows there is light at the end of the tunnel," said Chris Filla, Jadin's dad.

Jadin was in the hospital for almost all of last winter. She told us she's excited to make snow angels this year.