Police seeing less people on the phone while driving

Police seeing less people on the phone while driving »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The violation has been on the books for a number of years and maybe drivers are finally started to get the message. Tickets for driving and using a cell phone are going down.

Lynn Nelson, is a teacher by day and Zumba instructor by night. She hits the road a lot and says she see's people talking on the phone while driving, which makes her feel uncomfortable while driving.

"I've seen them cruise right through intersections doing it too,"said Lynn Nelson.

Although Lynn travels a lot she does it safely.

"I need to communicate, but I think there is only one way,you gotta pay for the technology to do it the right way, or else put it away or save it for another time," said Lynn Nelson

And It turns out a lot of people are putting away there cell phones when they see a patrol car and the Washington State Patrol couldn't be happier.

"They are just dropping their phones and going back to paying attention to driving, that actually makes things safer,"said Washington State Patrol Trooper Grant Smith.

In 2012 WSP wrote168 tickets for talking on the phone. In 2013 that jumped by nearly 80..and over the past three months..they've only written 25..which puts them on a pace for only a hundred this year.

And Trooper Smith says he's noticed a difference in who is committing these violations.

"Talking on the phone is basically any age, the texting would probably be a younger group of people,"said Smith.

Trooper Smith says the area around 395 from Clearwater to 10th is a hot spot for cell phone spotting and while Lynn is very busy zipping around the three cities, she feels getting to her next destination safely is most important.

And as far as texting and driving here in the Tri-Cities those numbers are going up. From 9 tickets just two years ago to 20 last year and on pace for 24 this year if not higher.They could take a jump this summer once the kids get out of school.