Ki-Be Elementary locked down after shoplifter bolts

Ki-Be Elementary locked down after shoplifter bolts »Play Video
Benton City, Wash. -- A scare for parents and students and Ki-Be Elementary and Middle School.

They went into to lock-down while the cops were chasing a would-be shoplifter.

He bolted from the Ki-Be Market on foot after store workers called the police. Witnesses saw the man turn towards the elementary school and police told the school to go into lock down.

Benton County Sheriff's units found the man near the school and arrested him for shop-lifting.

Parents were happy with how the school handled the situation.

"I was more satisfied that the school did what they, you know, what they keep telling us. That they would shut it all down and keep our children safe, so in that aspect, I think the school did good. I'm very proud of the school," says Diane Vance.

That was only the second time in two years Ki-Be has been put on lock-down.