Kennewick speeds up development near Southridge

Kennewick speeds up development near Southridge »Play Video
KENNEWICK -- You can thank the city of Kennewick and a little bit luck for the fast pace of the development near Southridge since 2010.

The city used something called local revitalization funds to pay changes there, but it came with a catch. Kennewick had one year to prove to the state that it could make 500 thousand dollars.

The city was confident from the get-go:

"We were very strategic going into the program, we had done our due diligence to know that the program would be a success, so certainly we didn't want to gamble with tax payer dollars," says Dan Legard, the finance director for Kennewick.

Kennewick was one of the few in the state that actually got the money. It didn't just make the 500 thousand, it doubled it. The growth has created almost 100 jobs.