Kennewick parks to get a boost this year

Kennewick parks to get a boost this year »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. - Kennewick is spending a huge chunk of your money on improvements to city parks.

Close to $700,000 will go towards improvements and maintenance.

Repairs and replacements eat up about a third of that money.

Another $150,000 will go toward improving the Columbia Golf Course.

Most will cover the pro-shop.

We asked neighbors if it was worth tax-payer money towards the golf course improvements.

Those on the golf course weren't opposed.

Quirt Pierce said, "Sure, since I'm a golfer. I don't know if I wasn't a golfer how I'd feel but yeah, it's a good idea. It gets people outside, good exercise and its fun."

The rest will go to acquiring and developing more land near the Southridge Sports Complex.