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Kennewick man goes from wheelchair to walking

Kennewick man goes from wheelchair to walking
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Obesity rates are going up all over the country and even here in our region. 63 year old Larry Ring started working out about 4 years ago at golds gym in Kennewick after a defining moment

"When my grandson turned 1 years old and I was well over 600 pounds in a wheelchair at his birthday party, thinking to myself if I keep going the way I'm going I'm not going to be there for his high school graduation," said Ring.

These pictures are from that birthday party, Larry could barely make it.
He had to use a wheelchair to get out of bed.

"My biggest fear was in the morning was getting out of bed, fearing that this is the morning that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed and get to my wheelchair and be bed ridden and not being able to move,"said Ring.

He was determined to get out of the wheel chair.

"World isn't made wheelchairs, infrastructure, the ramps,"said Ring.

Larry is now under 240 pounds, and has an easier time moving around, but others in the Tri-Cities haven't found their motivation like Larry. According to a recent poll, Tri-cities is ranked as the No. 9 most obese area in the United States.

The Benton Franklin Health Department says 31 percent of adults in our area are obese.The state average is 25 percent Washington state average. Diabetes also remains high.

Larry thinks most obese people aren't getting outside, using the park system the Tri-cities has to offer.

"We have excellent bike paths but you don't hear a lot of ads or stuff on what the community has to offer for biking and kayaking on the River, said Ring.

Another contributing factor is the amount of fast food restaurants.
Benton and Franklin counties have more compared to the state average.

"Hardest thing to give up was pizza and of course every other add on tv is pizza,"said Ring.

"The road I was going on there's probably a chance I might not have even been here today, I could have died by now,"said Ring.

Larry has lost a total of 330 pounds and plans to lose more
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