Kennewick looks to expand Southridge Sports Complex

Kennewick looks to expand Southridge Sports Complex »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- If you thought the Southridge Sports Complex was finished -- think again.

KEPR learned Kennewick is now eyeing a big section of land just north of the complex.

The Southridge Sports Complex has fast become a staple of this part of Kennewick.

And the city isn't done yet.

Kennewick is looking to extend the Southridge Sports Complex into the empty seven acre lot to the Northeast of the facility.

"I think it's a beautiful area and it's certainly an area that is ready to expand," says Carol Pennala.

She has lived in Kennewick for almost 40 years. She uses the sports complex regularly. She's all for expanding the facility. Carol is also comforted to learn Kennewick is looking for feedback before making a move.

"Oh I think getting community buy-in is absolutely essential. Anything works better when it's grassroots movement from the bottom up. So that you get their ideas," Carol added.

The sky could be the limit.

"It could be anywhere from another pavilion, or an indoor field house to an open multi-use field with sports turf and lights. It could be a number of things. We want the community's input," says Karen Coulson, a spokesperson for the city.

Currently, the project doesn't have any money behind it.
But Kennewick is confident that will change once the community becomes involved.

"It could be a metro park district, it could be other bonds," she added.

Money is set aside for a similar project in Hansen Park.

Carol already has an idea for what she wants to see put in:

"The public swimming pool would be nice to have over on the further Western side of town so that it's centrally located with a lazy river and several diving boards," she says.

And with help from the community, Kennewick hopes to turn this empty plot of sage brush into something special.

The city will hold community meetings at the two parks over the next three Thursdays.

Hansen Park's will be by the playground at four.
Meetings for Southridge will be at the pavilion at six.