Kennewick could have 'aquatic' plans for Southridge

Kennewick could have 'aquatic' plans for Southridge
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Following the failure of a regional aquatic center, Kennewick could be moving forward with its own plans to add a new pool. The idea came out of feedback from the community for what to add at Southridge.

Shayne Bunch supports developing Southridge. And he's most excited about the idea of an aquatic center.

"We only have one and it's by the old police station, and one for everybody here? That's not very big? It would be really cool if they did that," he says.

Kennewick has been gathering community feedback on what development at Southridge should look like.

Apart from more sports fields, bathrooms, and picnic areas, some suggested an aquatic center. Kennewick says it put a spot in the comprehensive plan as part of the initial planning process.

"This is just the first step as the ideas get refined and go back to the public," says Kennewick spokesperson Evelyn Lusignan.

That first step means finding a way to pay for it.

If the city was to get the money by the end of the two-year budget cycle, work could theoretically begin on an aquatic center at Southridge. A project funded by one city and not all three.

Reporter: "Do you think this has anything to do with, as a response to the other aquatic center, the Tri-City aquatic center being voted down?"

Evelyn Lusignan: "You know possibly. We have one swimming pool in Kennewick that serves the public, so it's possible the residents are looking to have another item that's in that growing Southridge area."

KEPR spoke to proponents who campaigned in favor of the regional aquatic center.

They don't expect a project in Kennewick could be as grandiose as what could be accomplished if money was pooled from all three cities.

A potential budget or architectural plans are still in the distance.
But just adding the line to the city's comprehensive plan means an aquatic center could become a reality at Southridge.

Kennewick also held community meetings for improvements to Hansen Park.

It's likely they'll add more pathways and picnic areas there.