Big projects coming up in Kennewick

Big projects coming up in Kennewick
KENNEWICK -- We're always looking at how your tax dollars are being spent and a huge portion goes to major projects around the Tri-Cities. Capital items get a special line in the cities' budgets every year. We looked at what Kennewick is planning for the future.

Kennewick is buzzing. Continuous growth has caused the city to come alive with new development. Capital projects can cost the city millions. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's coming out of your pocket.

We asked city worker Evelyn Lusignan just how much money federal funds account for on these projects:

"It can depend on the project, but certainly some projects can be over 50 percent funded with grant money," she says.

That's good news. After wrapping up the Southridge Complex and the Steptoe Extension, Kennewick has new plans to replace more than 20-thousand water meters across the city. They will be automated so a meter reader won't be needed.

Kennewick is also making changes to a number of major intersections. They will have audible pedestrian push button equipment.

Kennewick is also making plans to build another road over I-82 to connect with Hildebrand Boulevard.

Sondra Schauer is excited about the upcoming projects:

"I think they're important because they help drive progress forward for the city and keep us from stagnating," she says.

She's glad to hear these changes don't just get paid for with higher taxes.

"I think especially if there's federal matching for these projects, I think we should take advantage of all of that. For sure," she added.

So as Kennewick grows, so do its benefits.

A more detailed list of the projects Kennewick hopes to complete in the next two years is available online. Much of what the city can do depends on whether the federal money is there.