Kennewick burn victim goes on 17th surgery

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Action News is continuing to follow the progress of the little Kennewick girl who accidentally lit herself on fire last summer. Jadin Filla was outside playing with a lighter and a piece of paper on July 4, 2012. An unforgettable scream led her older sister to open the front door and find Jadin engulfed in flames.

Doctors said she had a 10% chance of living. Today, she is running around at school just like the other kids. Action News has been following her progress.

Not only is Jadin Filla a walking miracle, but with the 6-year old's progress each and every day, doctors say she is a success story.

"She can now move her fingers and wave with them," said Jadin's grandma, Linda Filla.

The little Kennewick kindergartner suffered burns to almost 50% of her body. The burns ranged from 2nd degree to 5th degree. 16 major surgeries later, Jadin's quality of life has sky rocketed. She no longer needs a 24 hour neck brace. Her latest surgery was to remove a half inch of skin in between each of her fingers.

Her next major procedure is a 3-part surgery. Doctors will fuse one of her toes onto her hand for a new thumb. The first part is next week.

"We'll do anything to improve her quality of life," said Filla.

Jadin will be in the hospital for three days. The other two surgeries will be over the course of the next 3 months.

"They're gonna take the growth plate and everything so it will continue to grow as she grows," she said.

"Oh my gosh, she definitely brings a lot of happiness and joy. It makes you realize, I feel there is that higher power that has had a lot with this. And guardian angels, she has lots of guardian angels," said Jadin's great aunt, Gladys Filla.

"It's hard to say in words, I'm overjoyed, amazed, that medical has come so far and of course the grace of god," said Linda Filla.

With great improvements each day, Jadin's growth continues to amaze everyone around her.

Jadin's family is always looking for help to cover the cost to get to Seattle and back for all of her surgeries. If you want to help, click on the link below.