Kennewick burglaries keeping police busy

Kennewick burglaries keeping police busy »Play Video
KENNEWICK -- A pair of burglaries in broad daylight kept Kennewick police busy this week.

The first case happened on the 600 block of South Buchanan Street. The suspect slipped into the home through an open window and stole a cell phone, laptop, and video camera. The second incident happened Wednesday on the 400 block of North Quebec Street. A front door had been forced open. Police think the two cases are related.

“We always lock up when we leave, we always close the garage, we lock the door, we also deadbolt. We also have the back yard which is also locked and we also have a couple of dogs that can alert us if anyone shouldn't be where they should,” says Ryan Higgins, a resident of Buchanan Street.

Police are still looking for a suspect in this case.