Kennewick to residents: No more 'junk' in your yard

Kennewick to residents: No more 'junk' in your yard
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick is saying no more "junk" in your yard.

The city was having a hard time enforcing the rules since everyone defines junk differently. Junk now includes anything in your front yard that is meant to be inside.

Some neighbors look forward to enforcement that could come with the new rules.

"Driving around, you can tell the people who, it's time to take a trip to the dump, and those are the people who are getting those slips saying clean up your yard," says Kennewick resident Jason Oliver.

Along with rules about what's allowed *in your yard, the city made some changes to your yard itself.

Your grass and weeds can now be more than six-inches before you could get a ticket.

Don't pay and it could be turned over to collections.