Lakeside apartment catches fire and leaves families homeless

Lakeside apartment catches fire and leaves families homeless
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- More than a dozen people are left without a home after a fire raced through a Kennewick apartment building. It all started with a smoldering log set on a deck. Crews thought they had the fire out, until it ignited again.

Robert Moore just moved to the Lakeside Apartments on Clearwater Avenue and Edison Street about ten days ago. He was at work when he got a call that his apartment complex was on fire. A smoldering log on the deck of a neighbor's porch had started a small fire.

"Everything seemed okay during the first incident, so I went back to work," said Moore.

Robert calls it the "first incident" because that wasn't the end of the trouble. Around 3 a.m., the fire sparked again. This time, the entire attic was covered in flames. Robert lost nearly everything.

"I'm starting from scratch. I pretty much got what I'm wearing now and I got some stuff that isn't too badly smoke-damaged in the truck, and I'll go from there," said Moore.

He's one of 15 people who can't go back home.

"We moved to Syria, 2006, then you know what happened to it, it went to war to each other. We just moved here about three years ago," said Khaled Fathey.

The Fathey family came here to America as refugees looking for a fresh start. After this morning's fire, there is nothing to pick up from and they are looking to start all over again.

"Some CDs with the pictures on it from the beginning of life for us to right now, and we lost it," said Fathey.

The life they left behind is now lost to the ashes as well. But everyone escaped safely.

"We just like to say thanks to God to save the life of us,"said Fathey.

The families are all getting help from the Red Cross while they look for a new place to live.

A firefighter was checked out at the hospital for an irregular heartbeat and determined to be okay. Ten units in all were damaged.