Keep your dogs quiet or pay the price in Richland

Keep your dogs quiet or pay the price in Richland
RICHLAND, Wash. - Richland has been cracking down on those disturbing the peace and quiet.

It began with people playing music too loud. Now the city is taking on dogs who bark incessantly.

If you've got a loud pet take note. Richland Police are now going after animal nuisance calls, hoping to reduce the noise level throughout the city.

Neighbor Terry said, "We have a dog 2 houses down that pretty much barks all day, everyday."

Terry didn't want us to show her face on camera. She wants to be neighborly. Still, she can't stand the annoying dogs.

"He hardly ever shuts up and we have, the police have come and talked to them but it didn't do any good," she said.

It's why code enforcement is taking over. They've written more than 30 violations since the beginning of the year. Totaling about one every other day for barking dogs in Richland.

So many calls in fact code enforcement had to add another officer just to be able to keep up and if you get hit with one of these violations the fees aren't cheap.

The first violation can cost you $50, after that the price jumps to $150.
The fines are recommended by code enforcement. The code board can charge more depending on the situation.

Rest assured, officers won't just take a vindictive neighbor's word for it. Each case is investigated.

Sgt. Carmen Ver Steeg with Richland Police told KEPR,"We'll go into the area and do some extra patrols to see if we hear the dog barking we'll talk to neighbors to see if the dog's barking. The whole idea is if we take a case to the code board we want to have a solid case."

This all sounds fair to neighbors who've had enough of the noise.

"It can be a very good thing because it is hard to sleep when dogs are barking," said Terry.

Hoping everyone can get some peace and quiet.

So far, all but 7 cases have been settled without having to go to the code board.

If the dog is barking overnight call non-emergency dispatch.

An officer will follow-up during daylight hours.