Kadlec not covered in some plans on Health Exchange website

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- KEPR has learned that coverage isn't equal with our Tri-Cities hospitals if you're signed up for Obamacare.

The federal site offers five plans. Two of those don't cover services at Kadlec.

Steven Flores chooses Kadlec for his medical treatment.

"I like the services they give. I like the way they treat their patients," he says.

And he expects to shop for a new health insurance plan at the start of the year.

He was surprised to learn that at least two of the plans offered through the state's Health Exchange website won't include Kadlec.

The exclusive contract for Premera Blue Cross and LifeWise was awarded to Trios.

These represent two of the five plans offered on the federally run site.

"That'd bother me a lot. This is where my son was born. This is where if I get in trouble, this is where I want to go. And if they weren't able to accept me based off insurance, personally, I'd try to switch my insurance," Steven continued.

Steven could still go to Kadlec, but his share of bills would be much more out of pocket.

The three plans that cover Kadlec on the Exchange site are Coopertive Care, Community Health Plan of Washington, and Group Health.

"You just look at the various plans you look and see who your favorite providers are, your favorite hospital, your favorite physicians and see who they have as a network provider," says Kadlec Finance Vice President Julie Meek.

And Kadlec isn't the only hospital in our area to feel the back lash from this insurance roll out. Swedish Medical Center in Seattle as well as Sacred Heart in Spokane also are in a similar situation.

All part of the learning curve that's coming with the health care roll-out.

"Just be careful where you go and get your insurances at. Make sure you do your research," Steven says.

This is also a concern nationally.

According to Watchdog.Org, eleven of the top 18 hospitals were connected with just one or two insurance carriers on state exchanges.