Josh Hunt gets maximum sentence, victim's family speaks out

Josh Hunt gets maximum sentence, victim's family speaks out »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Josh Hunt was sentenced to more years in prison than he has been on this earth, but it's little comfort to his victim's family. The 19-year-old murdered his friend, Josh Snapp, last year on the Fourth of July. The killer's father came to the courtroom for the first time in his son's case. KEPR was also there.

When a killer is sentenced to prison, family members of the victim get the chance to say how the crime has affected their lives. The family of Josh Snapp wasn't about to miss that opportunity.

"I want you to look at me. And I want you to look over my shoulder, Mr. Hunt. Look at those four girls back there and all my grandchildren. Joshua's middle name is James. He was named after me. You took him from this earth and did not give him the chance to have a family like that," said Josh Snapp's grandfather Jim Daniels.

Josh Hunt was emotional as he heard from Daniels, and then his victim's sister. She saw the 17-year-old's body at the morgue.

"Joshua was ice cold and did not have color. His eyes were closed and his face to me looked slightly sunken. His fingers looked wrinkly and his dead mouth kept opening. After seeing him for a moment, I walked outside and vomited," said Breanna Snapp.

She continued, telling the 19-year-old he's the first person she's grown to hate.

"I've never felt hatred until now. I am hoping and praying that one day I will have it in me to forgive you. I know this is only the beginning of your hell. You made your bed and I hope you enjoy laying in it," she said.

The last to speak was Josh Snapp's father.

"Me and your dad were friends back in the day, weren't we? Me and your dad had our differences, we did. And me and your dad kind of drifted apart through the years because of those differences. But I tell you what, not once did we ever think about shooting somebody."

Hunt was given the maximum sentence of 23.4 years. For Chris Snapp, no amount of prison time will be justice for his son.

"My son's life was worth 23.4 years. That means what, at 40, 45, you get to get out and start living life again," he said.

There will be no future for Josh Snapp, coldly murdered in the desert while still just a teenager.

Hunt was charged with first-degree murder, but convicted of second-degree. His suspected accomplice is slated to go on trial next month. 19-year old John Young is also charged with premeditated murder. Now that Hunt has been sentenced, he could be called to testify.