Jailhouse snitch on the stand

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - Clinton Crowder, current Franklin County inmate and now jailhouse snitch.

He turned on former cellmate Todd Stuart. Crowder is considered a star witness for the prosecution. He may be their only hope to connect Stuart to the plot to kill his own mother-in-law.

Crowder came into this case late in the game. He's not getting a deal on his own identity theft case. So what's in it for him?

"I had details on of a murder. I just felt it was probably the right thing to do," Crowder said.

Crowder says those details came after he befriended Stuart at the Franklin County Jail. He says Todd blurted out details on his case.
He got even more loose-lipped when he saw his estranged wife behind bars.

Crowder told jurors Stuart offered specifics on the plot to drop a large bin of books on Judy Hebert in an attempt to kill her.

He told the jury, "Mrs. Stuart, Tashia, was up above and was supposed to hand push the books up or shove them down and she pushed them so the reverse and fall on her and he was supposed to be behind her on the ladder.

Prosecutor, Dave Corkrum asked, behind who?

Crowder continued, Mrs., I'm sorry, uh the victim, Mrs. Hebert."

Crowder claims Stuart couldn't believe the sinister plot didn't succeed.

He said Todd told him, "That should have worked it wasn't done correctly."

The longer he was on the stand the more he seemed to be unsure of himself even looking over at the jurors for approval. Once defense attorney, Jeffrey Robinson, started in on him you could really see Crowder starting to sweat.

The defense tried to paint Crowder as a criminal and a liar.
He told prosecutors he tried to relay information on Stuart through his attorney. He had a different story a short time later.

Defense attorney, Jeffrey Robinson asked Crowder,"you didn't say anything about it was because my lawyer didn't help me do it did you?
Crowder replied, "no."

The jury will decide whether to believe a jailhouse snitch in the attempted murder case against Todd Stuart.

It's not likely perjury charges would be pursued based on his criminal history.

Closing arguments are expected tomorrow.

Stuart's estranged wife faces first degree murder charges for the eventual death of her mother, Judy Hebert.