It's a boy! First local baby born just after midnight at Kadlec

It's a boy! First local baby born just after midnight at Kadlec
COLUMBIA BASIN & YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- The Columbia Basin's first baby was welcomed into the new year at 12:15 a.m.

"He's three weeks early so we were definitely not planning on having a New Years baby, yeah, no," said Declan's parents, Trevor and Shannen.

Declan Christian Day came into the world at 5lbs, 8oz. About thirty minutes later, the Yakima Valley met its first baby of 2014, Mayah Lou Melendrez. She weighed a little more than 8lbs.

Mayah's dad told Action News, "It feels good, it feels good to have a New Year's baby born, Oh bless you, and we are blessed to have this baby, it completes our family together."

For the Day family, a New Year's baby was far from expected. Little Declan was three weeks early.

"I started having contractions in the middle of the afternoon and I just figured they were Braxton Hicks cause I've been having a lot of them," said Shannen.

Shannen and Trevor were enjoying a low-key New Year's Eve with some pizza and a couple movies when they realized they might be making a trip to the hospital.

"About half way through the second movie she goes, I think we're probably gonna go to the hospital tonight, so we finished the movie and got in the car and by the time we got here it was pretty obvious it was happening," said Trevor.

Shannen was doubled over after the trip from Prosser to Kadlec. She was quickly moved to a labor room. Twenty minutes later, doctors started the epidural. And in just two hours, their New Year's baby arrived, along with the media.

"It's awesome, it's kind of a trip, we're on Facebook and you're here, it's kinda weird," they said.

But they say they are thrilled with the outcome their 'low-key' New Year's brought them.

We did check on the other regional hospitals in Walla Walla, Pendleton, and Ellensburg. There had been no births as of the evening news, but a couple of mothers were expecting babies New Year's evening.