Hundreds of weapons confiscated at TSA in Tri-Cities Airport

Hundreds of weapons confiscated at TSA in Tri-Cities Airport
PASCO, Wash.-- Knives,tasers, bullets and even guns are some of the things TSA keeps finding on passengers flying out of the Tri-Cities Airport. It's more like hundreds every month.

About a thousand people pass through the Tri-Cities airport everyday
and many of them are carrying weapons. The Transportation Security Administration still intercepts hundreds of weapons each month, especially knives.

Knives like these, folding knives, credit card knives, and even throwing knives, are just a sample of some of the knives that they found at the Pasco Airport over the last month.

"The fact that passengers are bringing knives and other prohibited items to the security check point is a concern," said Lorie Dankers,TSA Spokeswoman.

In February, the TSA intercepted a loaded .22 caliber hand gun from a passenger.That person was fined by the TSA. It's not just a Tri-Cities problem. Last week alone, the TSA intercepted 45 loaded firearms at security check points across the U.S. Officials say this number is average.. and the hundreds of weapons confiscated in Pasco fall in the average range, too. But passengers are still surprised to hear it.

"People should know they shouldn't bring a gun anyplace, but let alone to an airport where they are getting on a plane,"Ken Boras.

And if people forget about the gun they're carrying, they often forget about other items.

"This item has a lot of emotional sentiment to it that it's a box cutter. This is one of the types of weapons that was used by the hijackers 911,"said Lorie Dankers, TSA Spokeswoman.

Most people aren't trying to knowingly smuggle a weapon on board.

"The most common thing we here after we detect a prohibited item in a carry on bag oh I forgot I had that in my bag,"said Lorie Dankers, TSA Spokeswoman.

Still, it's no excuse and passengers are expected to arrive at the security checkpoint knowing the rules.

"TSA and others are I doing there job as best as they can so they can protect the passengers, so I think yeah I feel fairly safe, so I don't even think about it really," said Ken Boras.

Across the United States, the TSA intercepted more than 15 hundred loaded firearms at security checkpoints in 2013.