Human trafficking gets attention at local exhibit

Human trafficking gets attention at local exhibit »Play Video
RICHLAND -- It is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide and our area is no different. We're talking about human trafficking. It's a growing problem in the Tri-Cities. And it’s the reason why a local church exhibit is getting a lot of attention.

The exhibit is called "Sold" and allows people to experience the effects of human trafficking first hand. Part of the exhibit focuses on Tri-Cities and how thousands of men and woman are exploited as slaves every single year. Many of the attendees we spoke to were astounded by what they learned.

“It just amazes me at just how little I knew. You don't hear about it on the news, you don't hear about it in magazines, newspapers. I just really had no idea. It was a huge eye-opener,” says Cory Sjoboen. He experienced the exhibit.

Police say the water follies weekend is the Tri-Cities' biggest weekend for human trafficking. But it isn't limited to prostitution. Law enforcement also tells us forced labor on local farms is a huge problem.