Hermiston watermelons are here!

Hermiston watermelons are here!
HERMISTON, Oregon - Extra warm temperatures got the Hermiston watermelon season off to great start.

Growers got the melons to market earlier this year.

Some local farmers are picking almost 2 weeks early.

Stocking up local grocers, major chain stores and farmer's markets.

Vendors are even heading out to farms directly getting their loads for this weekend's boat races.

Grower Bob Walchli owns Hermiston Melon Company. He said, "Of course with this hot weather we're getting right now, really finishes out a melon really good. you know it's the sandy soil, the weather we have here, the hot days and cools nights just a great growing area for the watermelons."

These melons just hit stores in the Tri-Cities Monday. You can also pick them up at the Pasco farmer's market Wednesday.