Habitat for Humanity fixes torched house

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- It was a shock last week - a Habitat for Humanity home was torched. It was just weeks from being completed, and from the family moving in. That home and many more Habitat homes around the area back under the hammer and nail today, thanks to dozens of Lamb Weston employees.

"We get out of the cubicles and we get outside and some fresh air and good work and everybody benefits from it," said volunteer Scott Pattison.

He is excited to have the day off from his day job to be able to help out with this housing project. He say's it's pretty exceptional that the company lets them do this.

"It's great, any organization that you can volunteer and give back to is good for the community."

Scott, along with 100 other Lamb Weston employees are volunteering their time this week. They're working on a Habitat for Humanity project to help build new homes for Tri-City families.

"We're giving back to the communities where we live and work, it's an important factor for our company and it's really important to us," said volunteer coordinater, Marnie Spriggle.

But what makes their efforts even better is one of the homes was set on fire last week. On top of being able to give back to the community, they get to help repair a home that had been in the works for a year.

"They did have the arson in one of the houses, we were already scheduled to come and we're now able to take care of what had happened in the arson, it was really good timing."

White paint was used to cover any burn marks throughout the house.

Kennewick Police say a neighbor saw three teenage girls come out of the home and run right before it began to smoke. There haven't been any arrests but those girls are the subjects of the investigation.

"The fact that we can contribute towards that goal and we are gonna do everything we can over the next couple days to make sure these families do get in and can celebrate their first Christmas in their new home."

The police tell KEPR the arson investigation is ongoing.