Habitat for Humanity builds house in time for Mother's Day

Habitat for Humanity builds house in time for Mother's Day »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Habitat for Humanity and Lowe's in Kennewick have teamed up this week for National Women Build Week.

Mary Ban is a single mom with five kids. She came here from Sudan to avoid a civil war conflict 20 years ago. She's been in the Tri-Cities for a decade and is beginning to feel at home again.

"To get a house, because I don't want to live in an apartment with my family, and I know that I'm not going to go back home," said Mary.

"She works hard to make a life for her and her kids, and so we're really proud of her and proud to be able to help her make that happen," said Renee Harms with Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity said it costs roughly $75,000 to build a house. Half of the money comes from right here in the Tri-Cities and from state grants.

Out of all of the houses that have been built here, none of the homeowners have ever defaulted on their mortgage.

"Families that are dedicated to living in their home and being successful in their home, and they worked hard to build it and they worked hard to stay in it," said Harms.

Habitat for Humanity has built over 80 houses here in the Tri-Cities over the last 20 years, but the Ban family says this house is getting finished at the right time.

"That's the mother gift ever, I have never had it ever for Mother Day," said Mary.

Volunteers even came out.

"Amazing story that Mary has, and, for me, one Saturday a month or even a year to help even the small amount really helps," said volunteer Kaitlin Carter.

Even though the four-bedroom, two-bathroom house is not quite finished, Mary is already at home.

Mary is expected to move in early June. Habitat for Humanity is also looking for more land to acquire to build more homes.