Governor Inslee says Washington is already feeling shutdown affects

Governor Inslee says Washington is already feeling shutdown affects »Play Video
WASHINGTON -- Washington Governor Jay Inslee's spoke about his appeal to congress to end the government shutdown today. He also addressed the trickle down effects for our state.

"We don't have to speculate about whether the congressional republicans tactics are bad for the economy, clearly they are," said Inslee.

"It just seems to me like a lot of politicians aren't in touch with reality, they're just in their own little world and they have their own selfish needs," said a Richland retiree Lou Shinen.

Shinen is retired. He has lived in the Tri-Cities for the past eight years.
Although he doesn't think he will be directly affected by the shutdown, he feels for the rest of Washington.

"It'd be painful for people in our state...people that are counting on those programs," said Shinen.

Programs like WIC - The department of Agriculture moved some money around, so checks will be covered until the end of the month. Just how long food stamps will be funded is unknown. And unemployment checks - those will be covered for a short time. The Governor says there's little money left in the state budget. Although 90% of the payments issued rely on federal funds. Inslee worries about what will happen once the state runs out of money to cover the federal responsibilities.

"Well I think it's unfortunate, I think all those things are needed, I think it's unfortunate that we have to rely on the government in order for us to finance the programs in our own state," said Shinen.

Our Governor says, this impact, is already being felt, almost a week into the shutdown.

"But I want to say this, as a governor for a great state, the madness of Washington D.C. is already damaging Washington state, the REAL Washington," said Inslee.

He blames House Speaker John Boehner. He's concerned for everyone.

"We're not a hostage, we're a state that's rebuilding our economy...and we would be rebuilding our economy of Washing State but for the narrow band of congressional republicans who are holding our economy ransom in MY state," said Inslee.

He hopes a solution will come before our state heads further into financial disaster.

The Governor also expressed deep concern for our veterans. He says they aren't receiving proper funding