Government shutdown does not really affect Tri-Cities

Government shutdown does not really affect Tri-Cities
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The Government may be shutdown -- but it was mostly business as usual around the Tri-Cities. KEPR found most people around town hardly felt the effect.

Alex Lin works at The Daily Donut in Pasco. His parents are the owners. He said today was just another day.

"Business has been as usual, it's pretty steady throughout the whole day, lunch is kind of slow sometimes," said Alex Lin.

But why would it be any different? A lot of our Facebook fans expressed concern about the government shutdown and what exactly that means for us here. Turns out, it doesn't mean much for the Tri-Cities -- including a private business like the Daily Donut.

"It doesn't immediately affect us, I mean we might see a change in business later on down the road, but as of now, everything's still going the way it is," said Lin.

Delia Lopez is a contractor for the state. She was another who expressed initial concern. But then realized, she and her business were not impacted.

"Well, it didn't affect me at all, but I think a lot of people are wanting to get insurance, ya know, and I think that they should come up with agreement," said Lopez.

KEPR spoke with multiple people who said when they first found out about the shutdown, their initial reaction was to see how it was going to affect them, and what a lot of them found out is, it wasn't going to impact their lives at all.

So what is impacted? Mostly park closures right now - like the Hanford Reach National Monument and all these National Wildlife Refuges - Conboy Lake, Columbia National, Cold Spring, McKay Creek, McNary, Toppenish, Umatilla, and Hanford Reach. They are all closed while the government is shut down.

But otherwise -- your daily life shouldn't be interrupted.

"We don't see any affect of it, I mean out mail is still coming and our bills are still due, we're still making out payments on our mortgage and stuff like that," said Lin.

All activities on the refuge complex are canceled until the shutdown is over -- which includes access for hunting. The National Wildlife Refuge week planned for Saturday in Umatilla is also canceled.