From park to garden?

From park to garden?
RICHLAND -- Some Richland neighbors are fighting to save their nearest park. It's a neighborhood park that was once on the chopping block five years ago.

Neighbors helped keep the park open back then, but now Richland has a new plan and people are fighting the effort hoping to save Barth Park once again.

Lou Meigs loves Barth Park. Sitting at the corner of Barth Avenue and Comstock, she and her family come here all the time.

"It's small. It's un-pretentious. We just have basic things down here," she says.

But now Richland wants to turn the unpretentious park into a community garden. The city says the park is rarely used.

Lou was shocked:

"Parents come here with their children. We have get-togethers, family barbecues, youth groups come down here," she says.

Unlike the plans to close Barth in 2008, this time Richland wants to turn the site into a community garden. It would be the city's third.

Richland says there's a bigger demand for this than the current offerings at Barth.

"We have a waiting list each year," says Phil Pinard. He works for the City of Richland Parks Department.

To find a good spot for the next garden, the city watched for how often the park was used. Richland found Barth was mostly deserted.

But Lou argues the survey was done during the daytime and she finds the park is crowded in the evening.

It's why she's petitioning the plans.

"I'm not against a community garden at all, but we don't want one here," Lou continued.

The garden would mean the playground at Barth would have to come out. Lou wonders if this is a worthy expense.

Isnt' there something to be said for if it ain't broke, dont' fix it?

"It's not a matter of it being broke, it's a matter of we have a need in the community that people like community gardens," Phil added.

Richland says if it's not at Barth, it will be somewhere else.
And that could mean another fight from neighbors hoping to save that spot.