CRIME TRACKER: 4 home burglaries end quiet month in Pasco

CRIME TRACKER: 4 home burglaries end quiet month in Pasco
PASCO, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker found a hotspot for burglaries in Pasco in just the last day and a half.

It comes after a relatively quiet October when it comes to break-ins.

Stefanie Swearengin is one of several Pasco residents who were affected by a recent outbreak of home burglaries.

"We've had burglaries around the area before, but nothing as major as the last week," she says.

She recalled the frightening situation when her neighbor's home was viciously broken into.

"They had all four of these roads blocked off, so it was kind of scary," she added.

Her neighbor was one of four homes that were hit within the last 36 hours. The homes targeted are around Livingston, Sylvester and Irving.

In all but one of the instances, burglars kicked the door in and made off with high-value items like TVs.

Pasco PD says it's most likely the work of the same thieves.

"It appears we have a group of burglars if you kind of add all the information up, you have a couple guys out there doing burglaries that we, hopefully, need to run down and get caught," says Captain Jim Raymond.

But the police say the number is only suspicious when you consider Pasco has seen a very low number home burglaries in the last month.

"Generally, we'll respond to several burglaries a day. So far in October, inside the city limits of Pasco, we've only had 12 residential burglaries which is actually very minimal when you look at the size of the city," Captain Raymond added.

Those 12 burglaries, plus three more in the county were spread all over the place.

Stefanie says the recent escalation of crime near her home has her second guessing the purchase of her first home.

"We like living here, we'd had to move, but it is a possibility if crime keeps happening," she says.

Pasco PD says one of the burglary victims was still at home when the crooks tried to get in.

Law enforcement reminds you to keep your doors locked and outside lights on even while you're at home.