Foreclosed homes bringing neighborhoods down

Foreclosed homes bringing neighborhoods down »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. - It's a problem experienced across the nation and neighbors in Pasco are not immune.

Bank owned homes are bringing down the value of everyone's home when yards run wild or are littered with trash.

Some West Pasco neighbors asked for our help after they said they got nowhere with the city. Foreclosed houses are a blackeye on some neighborhoods in the Tri-Cities, including Calder Lane in west Pasco.

Homeowner, Brian Burleigh said, "We look out and we see all the weeds and neglect and stuff like that, it's kind of depressing you know."

It's not just weeds at the two problem homes on Calder. Neighbors point to trash and broken furniture. They've also noticed a few drifters making their way in to the foreclosed homes.

Neighbors tell Action News there are more homes on their block headed towards foreclosure. They're hoping to get a handle on the situation now, before more homes on their street end up looking abandoned.

Brian says the problem is compounded by a lack of action. He called us after he says he got nowhere with the City of Pasco.

"If I let my lawn go to weeds and it grow up, well the city's gonna come after us. Why isn't it the same for the bank-owned homes," he said.

Action News went to Pasco, looking for answers. Code enforcement tells us they haven't received any complaints about this area. They have driven by and noticed, there's a problem. The city promised to take action on junk in this west Pasco neighborhood.

Rick White with the city said, "We can just pick up the phone and call a bank, a realtor or HUD and say look, you've got a problem with this or that home. Fix it so we don't have to."

He added that if the problem doesn't get resolved, the city will take out a lien out on the property.

The city wants to make sure homeowners like Brian continue to life in safe, well cared for communities.

In order to get the proper help on your street, the complaint must be filed directly with code enforcement to get it resolved.

You can call them directly or file a complaint on-line through Pasco's website.

Complaints are also taken to code enforcement in Kennewick and Richland.