Fire crews respond again to Zintel Canyon

Fire crews respond again to Zintel Canyon »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Two brush fires in two day's time. Yet again, fire crews battled a blaze at Kennewick's Zintel Canyon. This time they were called out to extinguish several trees that caught fire.
Today's incident came just two days after this major fire. A video shot by one of our viewers shows huge flames dangerously close to cars and homes. Luckily no structures were damaged in this week's fires... But neighbors are still on edge.

Reporter: “Are you surprised that they're still getting calls out to this place? The smoldering tree?”
Answer: “Yes, I am, because I was just walking down there this morning with my dogs, so that concerns me in itself because my dogs could get into it,” says Debra Thomas.

There's still no word what caused the blaze. Meanwhile, investigators tell us that Friday's fire was started by people setting off fireworks.