Finley fire finished after smoldering

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FINLEY, Wash. -- Some crews working the Clodfelter fire had to switch gears to rush to Finley Tuesday evening. The fire is contained as of Wednesday night, but like the fire in south Kennewick, there are still hot spots.

Crews will keep circling the area to make sure none of the smoldering heaps catch fire again. Firefighters managed to save most of the storage yard next to a fertilizer plant. No homes were damaged.

For neighbors, the big concern was the chemical plant. The fire department kept an eye on it, but said it was well protected by its sophisticated fire prevention system.

Devin Helland with Benton County Fire District One said, "The chemical plants and everything out there, they're sophisticated with fire suppression systems, they have tons of greenbelt around it, and it would be very, very difficult for fire to get anywhere near those plants."

This fire was caused by sparks from a passing train.