Fed up neighbors clean up neighborhood

Fed up neighbors clean up neighborhood
PASCO, Wash. - KEPR has learned people in a Pasco neighborhood didn't wait for code enforcement to clean up an eyesore.

Fed up with the weeds and trash on the corner lot of Calder Lane, a family showed up with their small children to clean it up.

We first told you about this problem property a few weeks ago. neighbors asked for our help to get this eyesore improved.

They tell us Pasco has yet to respond to their complaints.

Rebecca Trenidad, lives across the street. She said, "The poor lady next door foreclosed and i don't know if that's what caused her not to be able to sell her house but it's terrible! this is a nice neighborhood."

We called the City of Pasco to confirm whether or not a proper complaint has been filed with code enforcement.

We have yet to hear back.