Fatal hit and run in Pasco

Fatal hit and run in Pasco
PASCO, Wash. -- Police are investigating a fatal hit and run out of Pasco. They say it happened right before 9:00PM Saturday night. The driver has yet to be found.

It was a normal night for a car filled with three traveling home that night. Until this.

"Like that...how he's turning..BOOM he hit her right there, just like that," said eyewitness, Manual Prado.

He and his friends were stopped at a red light on 20th Ave. and Lewis St. when they watched it all go down.

"My friends like he just hit a post and then it clicked, that wasn't a post that was a lady...and she just dropped like BOOM and she hits the ground cause the truck put her in the air and she just drops."

All in the blink of an eye. Prado says he watched her fly over 30 feet in the air.

"From the crosswalk all the way to like over here."

Only for it to get much worse.

"Her items were right here, like her shoe was right there, her phone was like right here, and there was bits of the car even, like bits of the car, like that's how hard he hit her."

He says it was an SUV. Possibly a burgundy Ford Explorer.

"He just took off, he went straight that way like he didn't hesitate a stop or nothing, he just kept going."

"They obviously had no care for human life for them to just speed off and leave her laying in the road like that not knowing if anyone was going to aid her or if she would get run over again," said another witness who does not want to be named.

All of the witnesses in a panic, they didn't have time to think about getting the license plate. They covered her with a red towel as they waited for paramedics to arrive. She was grasping for air in a way Prado described as trying to hold onto her life.

"She was like (takes a deep breath)...her body was saying, Oh I need as much air as I can right now."

"Not just a loss of a life, but the uncaringness to leave a person like that," said the other witness.

"I've seen a dog get hit, I've heard of deers getting run over, but never a human, not this harsh," said Prado.

So harsh that it leaves one family without their loved one.

The SUV is said to have front end damage. Police ask that you call 911 if you have any information. The name of the victim has not been released.