Fans still proud of the Bombers

Fans still proud of the Bombers »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- It could have been the Richland Bombers' first state title in boys' basketball in 34 years, but the team came up a little short against the Garfield Bulldogs Saturday night. KEPR talked with fans about the disappointing loss.

A chance at the championship title is an opportunity for just two teams in the state. The undefeated Richland Bombers put up a huge fight all weekend at the Tacoma Dome, winning their first two games to face the Garfield Bulldogs in the final game Saturday night.

"I was cheering for the Bombers," said fan Hidder Almoswi.

With almost 300 students in attendance to cheer the Bombers on, Richland High School junior Chloe Chea said she's never heard the noise reach that volume.

"I've never heard us be so loud. It hurt my ears," she said.

Chea drove to Tacoma with her mom and sister after school Thursday to catch all the final games.

"The mood there was really intense," said Chea.

Even fans watching from home could feel the intensity.

"I was yelling, 'Yes! Go! Make it! Make it! Make it!'" said Ali Almoswi.

But after a long weekend of playing their hearts out, the Bombers came up just a little bit short.

"And then 'Bing, bing, bing!' The other team won."

"My heart, I remember, was beating so fast I couldn't jump around or cheer because I felt like I was gonna pass out," said Chea.

"It's just kind of a big deal, even for the entire east state, because we kind of wanted to bring home the championship like Chiawana did for football," said Richland High School junior Amy Champagne.

But everyone agreed, win or lose, there's no way they couldn't be proud.

"Can't help but be proud because, at the end of the day, we won more games than the other team did; we just happened to lose one game. And second place in the state is nothing to be sad about," said Champagne.

"I would have hoped that we would have won, like, we were tied most of the game, but in the last couple minutes we let it go, but I'm still proud of them," said Chea.

Chea and Champagne agree school Monday will be a bit somber, but that won't stop their team spirit.

"I feel like it brings not even just the school together, even like the Tri-Cities because somebody from our place, you know, we know them, we know that player," said Champagne.