Family who lost infant son hit with more bad news

Family who lost infant son hit with more bad news »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- A family still mourning the death of their newborn was hit with more bad news.

The baby doesn't have a grave because the family can't afford a headstone and now a donation jar to help pay for that plaque was stolen.

"This was my only grandson -- I have no other grandchildren."

Vivian Becker's life was turned upside down when she lost her eleven week old grandson.

Leo died in June as he slept in a bassinet.

"He had flipped himself completely over and he couldn't breathe."

Vivian holds pictures of her grandson and remembered how he always made her smile.

The family couldn't afford Leo's headstone. They hoped to put a plaque in the Playground of Dreams instead. The Conoco Station on Kennedy Road in West Richland set out a donation jar with pictures of Leo on it.

Chris Wells stops at the gas station regularly.

"I saw the jar and it kinda touched me, so I put my change in and -- I thought it was a good cause," he says.

He was as surprised as Vivian to learn someone snatched the jar right off the counter -- stealing money from a family grieving for their lost infant.

"Is there something you can do that's lower than that? I don't know," Chris added.

Vivian says there was close to 100 dollars in the jar when it was taken.

"This person doesn't have a conscience. Because there were actual pictures of my grandson around the container and his actual footprints," Vivian says.

Vivian and her daughter reached out to Action News hoping for justice for her grandson.

"Even though he's gone, she still wants to remember him and so do I," she says.

The station hopes to replace the jar -- and see the community's generosity once again.

The gas station has security cameras but police haven't been able to view the footage so far. Leo's mother is considering legal action against the makers of the bassinet that her son died in.