Family finds two extra dogs in their yard

Family finds two extra dogs in their yard »Play Video
KENNEWICK -- Picture this: you're in your backyard enjoying quality time with your pets and suddenly you realize there are two more dogs in your family than you remember.

Out of nowhere a local family was shocked to find two dogs in their yard with no idea where they came from, or why they were there.

"We were eating dinner and we were finishing up and my husband looked out to the back yard and said, Hey, we have some friends!"

Elaine Carreno lives with her family and their three dogs.

The Carreno's are your typical canine-loving Tri-City family. But they were surprised when they found five dogs in their yard, instead of three.

"Suddenly we had two other dogs in our back yard and we had no idea how they got there," says Elaine.

With more and more reports of animals being dumped illegally, the Carrenos were worried the dogs' owners didn't want them any more. They called the Sheriff who told them that nothing could be done until the shelters opened on Monday.

"It's a lot of work, because it always seems to happen on the weekend and on the weekend, there's no body to call. We can't call the vet to see if they have a chip," Elaine added.

So the Carreno's made arrangements for the new dogs to spend the weekend at their house. But around eight o'clock, they got a knock on their door. It was the sheriff and a boy with a flashlight. The sheriff saw him while he was on patrol and the young boy said he was looking for his dogs. Sure enough, the dogs belonged to the boy and they had gotten out earlier that day.

Elaine said how happy the family was when the dogs were returned to their owner.

But the question remained-- how did the dogs get in? Our best guess? A neighbor who thought the dogs were the Carreno's.

Standing next to the gate to her backyard, Elaine explained what she thinks happened.

"The gentleman probably saw them over here [by the gate], so thinking they wanted in, he probably just pulled the latch and then let the dogs in."

And with that--- a packed house became even more full.

Workers with the animal shelter recommend putting collars on your pets and having them outfitted with micro chips.