Eyewitness testifies in Scantling trial

Eyewitness testifies in Scantling trial »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- A man who says he witnessed a murder took the stand in Benton County today.

Michael Billado was there the morning Franklin Palmer was killed.

He told the jury how he woke up to gunshots at the home in Kennewick that he shared with Palmer. Grant Scantling is accused of the premeditated murder of Palmer back in March. Prosecutors say he was jealous Palmer was dating the mother of his kids.

"He passed by, I jumped into their yard as he said, 'That's what happens when you f*** with someone's wife'...and I heard the shot again," said Michael Billado.

Scantling's defense attorney declined to make an opening statement so it's not yet clear what the strategy is.