End of trial for man accused of attempted murder

End of trial for man accused of attempted murder
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - Closing arguments in the case against Todd Stuart were heard today.

The state's case focused on the large bin of books that fell on Judy Hebert's head. They said this was part of a foiled murder plot by Stuart's estranged wife.

Prosecutors say by ignoring the accident, Stuart is guilty of a crime.

Prosecutor Shawn Sant, "Up from the rafters, If I were to drop that bin, I think you'd hear it I think that would catch your attention."

Stuart's attorney reminded the jury there was no proof Stuart was near Hebert at the time of the accident.

He pinned the whole thing on Tashia Stuart and said the state failed to provide concrete evidence of a crime.

Defense attorney Jeffrey Robinson said, "You have heard an entire case that at least for the first few, 2 or 3 days folks, you had to be saying so where's the evidence against Todd Stuart. I don't see Tashia Stuart sitting at that table."

Todd Stuart pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Tashia Stuart faces first degree murder charges for the shooting death of Hebert.

The jury could come back as early as tomorrow with a verdict.