Preview: Election Night 2013

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PASCO, Wash. -- Covering Campaign 2013 -- there's still time to turn in your ballot. You can leave ballots in a drop box until 8PM.

Today's postmark also counts. The big issue before voters in Benton County is a higher sales tax to expand the Convention Center. In Franklin County, Proposition 1 & 2 deal with the donut hole and city management. We asked some Franklin County voters to weigh in.

The voters said:

"There was a property tax and I hate property tax cause I own a home."

"They wanna be out and I don't think that's right. I think it should stay together." (About the donut hole)

"I think with the 522, I'm kind of hoping it doesn't pass, I think government's getting a little bit too big."

"No comment."

You'll find all local election results on KEPR Action News at eleven. You won't find any Yakima returns here.