Driving on Sandifur Pkwy should improve

Driving on Sandifur Pkwy should improve
PASCO, Wash. - We got your calls and read your Facebook messages about the driving conditions on Sandifur Parkway in Pasco.

You want to know when the city plans to fix the mess created by contractors.

There's more than just a bumpy road for drivers on Sandifur Parkway in Pasco. Neighbors are reaching their limits.

Stacy Schneider said, "That was a nice road and now it's just trashed."

He pulled his car over to where I was recording just to vent his frustration. He tells me it's a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

"I've witnessed one accident and almost seen a couple of others. It's pathetic," he said.

As cars drive by, you can see how the uneven asphalt causes them to swerve and bounce. Stacy is worried about safety.

He's not the only one. Many of you have called and sent us Facebook messages asking us to look into this. So we took your concerns to the city.

The new irrigation lines that will bring water to new developments are taking a long time to install. Fixing the streets isn't going fast either.

Mike Pawlak is the city engineer. He said, "I experience that same bumpy ride."

He is overseeing the project. He's been hearing your complaints and appreciates your patience.

Saying it saves more of your tax dollars to wait until the project is finished before repaving the roads.

There are a few miles of these soft patches down. The city says it's a lot safer than driving on just gravel.

But as the project drags on, concern about the road conditions shifts to the problems that winter could bring.

Stacy said,"When it freezes I don't think they can do this. I mean, it's right around the corner."

The city knows this and has told the contractor to get moving. Otherwise, it might be spring until the street can be fixed.

We're told the work will be finished within 4 weeks. The city's goal is to have repairs done before asphalt companies close for winter.