Dozens of people left homeless after Pasco apartment fire

Dozens of people left homeless after Pasco apartment fire »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Dozens of people are homeless after a fire raced through a Pasco apartment complex. The fire lasted for several hours overnight.

Fire engines, police cruisers, and aid units flooded 4th Avenue Saturday night as a fire ripped through Sacajawea Apartments.

"People were hollering, fire, fire!, so I come to look around and the second floor is completely engulfed in smoke," says Joe Winn.

Joe lives at the complex. He recalled the frightening events that sent four people to the hospital and had firefighters from every city responding.

"By the time they got the water on the second--on the fire, the third and up to the fourth floor were already flaming," he added.

The building,directly across from Lourdes Hospital, became a charred and smokey shell, displacing families while crews worked to clean up the scene.

"The second and third floor I know are completely uninhabitable, but I know there are some apartments on the fourth floor that have a lot of smoke damage and stuff like that," say apartment manager Billie Vinson.

A day after the fire, she's just thankful no one was seriously hurt.

"A guardian angel was sitting over this building. I know because it was pretty intense," she says.

But that's still no solace for those who no longer have a home.
While many are staying with friends or family, most people just want to get back into their apartments.

"We don't know when we're going to be allowed back in," she says.

With at least 100 or so people displaced from the apartment complex, the Red Cross set up a shelter at Pasco High School, expecting at least 40 people spend the week there.

Fire officials say it will take a while to get an exact idea of the damage-- all while dozens of families are now homeless.

The fire also caused dozens of pets to be displaced. The Red Cross is working with Petsmart trying to find temporary foster homes for those animals.