Donut hole closed for now

Donut hole closed for now
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - Franklin County leaders put a stop to the petition that would have let people vote on creating "Riverview."

This is all part of the donut hole fight. Some residents were able to give one last plea to the board before they made their decision.

Still, it was a battle they lost.

Neighbors figured one way to stop being annexed into the city of Pasco would be to form a new city themselves.

Franklin County Commissioners voted against that petition today.

Roger Lenk has been heading the group wanting to form their own city. He said, "Nine hundred eighty-two people put a lot of time and effort and money into this. We hate to have to do it again but if that's what's necessary that's what's necessary."

There is still an outstanding lawsuit against the city of Pasco by people living in the donut hole.

Pasco has pushed for a summary judgement in its favor to end the fight once and for all.