Small victory in donut hole lawsuit

Small victory in donut hole lawsuit »Play Video
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - Roger Lenk successfully sued Pasco for failing to provide key documents in their efforts to annex a portion of Franklin County in what has become known as the "donut hole".

Lenk is asking for more than $12,000. The whole suit has been a hard lesson for Pasco administrators.

Assistant city attorney, Patrick Galloway told KEPR, "The city's taking corrective action in terms of how it utilizes technology to search for records and how it communicates with requestors."

Lenk scored one more victory in his favor, another document was released to him.

He said, "The exemptions. We did get a lodged, exempt document that the city claimed exempted today so we were successful on that also."

Lenk has long maintained that the money was not the issue but rather access to the documents.

He wanted to be sure he knew everything the city did, on plans to annex the donut hole.