Don't reach for your registration when you get pulled over

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- It seems like just about everyone has been pulled over for one thing or another. But what might surprise you is, according to Kennewick Police, almost every one is doing it wrong. KEPR rode along with an officer to find out just what happens.

It's a regular part of Officer Keith Noble's job. Patrolling the streets, pulling over anyone that's breaking the law. But before Officer Noble can even point out what the driver did wrong, he says almost every driver already broke a different rule. A KEPR reporter and a Kennewick Police officer gave it a try and pulled a truck over.

Reporter: "What are you expecting him to do?"
Officer Noble: "Pull over in a safe spot such as this parking lot, it's perfect cause we're on a busy street and when I walk up there, just have their hands on the steering wheel and not reach for anything until I tell them to do so."

James Bowden knew to pull to the right into a non-crowded area. He also knew to turn is car off. But what he didn't know, is that he should sit put, with his hands on the wheel, until Officer Noble tells him otherwise.

"I went for my license and registration," saidBowden.

Officer Noble says James is not alone.

"They're reaching, in their glove box, behind their seat, under their seat, even though they're just grabbing for their wallet, as us officers, we don't know if they're grabbing a weapon or hiding something from us," said Officer Noble.

He says it's a good to remind people of what to do at a traffic stop around this time as patrols increase for the summer months, especially at night time. James was glad to learn this.

"It's good information, I mean, you don't wanna do something that's gonna cause some trouble for ya," said Bowden.

"When you see that, you start taking a little more extra precautions, taking your time getting up there, surveying everything," said Officer Noble.

If you ever get pulled over by an under cover cop and aren't sure if they are an imposter, feel free to ask for ID and their badge. You can also call dispatch to verify it's a legitimate traffic stop.