Dog bite victim: "He came running from across the street and attacked."

Dog bite victim: "He came running from across the street and attacked."
KENNEWICK, Wash. - "He came running from across the street and attacked." That's all James Sousley remembers. The wound on the leg of this 87-year old speaks for itself.

James says he isn't the only one who's had a run in with a neighbor's dog.

The Great Dane-Boxer mix is said to have history of terrorizing this Kennewick street. One of James's neighbors remembers a child escaping into their home.

"I wasn't even sure who he was, he just run in our door trying to get away from this dog," said Harlan Bradley.

He works with a school bus driver to keep a close watch on kids getting on and off the bus.

Harlan continues, "If she sees the dog out here do not let them off the bus until this thing gets resolved because he now proved he's a vicious dog."

Neighbors expected Monday night was the last straw. They called non-emergency dispatch after James was attacked. They were concerned no officer came to the scene. They were referred to animal control which was closed for the night.

KEPR spoke with the Kennewick Police Department and confirmed that if you or your neighborhood is faced with a dangerous dog situation they will respond immediately no matter what time of day to address the problem. They will also call upon animal control to come out if necessary to impound the animal.

So why didn't this happen last night? Police say, since the dog was back inside it was not an immediate threat. Had it been, animal control would have been called to the scene immediately.
Instead, they came to the home Tuesday and took the dog away.

James feels lucky to be moving around.

"I'd hate to see what happened to me, happen to a little kid because it could be a lot worse," he said.

The dog's owner could get the animal back in 10 days but only with a special permit.

KEPR is committed to getting all sides and we did speak with the owner of the dog. He didn't want to go on camera but says his isn't vicious and didn't know about his neighbors' concerns.

He offered to pay for James's medical bills and expects to keep his dog after the 10 day quarantine period, without putting it down.