Demolition leads to gas leak

Demolition leads to gas leak
PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco neighbors were forced out of their homes following a gas leak. The possibility of an explosion was real. KEPR talked to a neighbor who had to evacuate immediately .

Demolition started a few days ago. But then, the noise suddenly stopped at the home in east Pasco.

"The guys were over there trying to just clean up the debris with a front end loader, putting it into a dump truck and then all of a sudden, work just stopped," said Elaine Keister.

Elaine lives directly behind the home being torn down on Myrtle Avenue and A St.

"My father-in-law was watching out the window and said they must be on their lunch break and then I seen an ambulance and I said nooo somebody got hurt," she said.

Turns out, the crew had hit the gas line. Leaving a two inch break.

"I went out to see and all I could hear was the gas line going pshhhhhhhhhh."

Fire and Police arrived in minutes and Cascade Natural Gas was called. Readings at the scene showed the danger was real. There was a likelihood of an explosion. It took about 15 minutes to crimp off the line.

"Our first priority was the community around here, fortunately there was no wind," said Pasco Battalion Chief, Don Donais.

Police went door to door evacuating nearby homes.

"Hopefully everybody's safe," said Keister.

Everyone was allowed back within a couple hours. A permanent fix will still be needed for the gas line.

The city and schools were prepared for a worst case scenario. They had buses lined up and an evacuation plan. They didn't need to be used.