DVD thieves caught

DVD thieves caught »Play Video
RICHLAND -- Steal from Walmart, sell to Hastings. That's the suspected m-o of the people Richland police arrested this weekend.

Officers say the Kennewick couple stole nearly 12-dozen DVDs or Blu-Ray discs from Walmart. The scheme began back in January.

Workers at Hastings caught on when the couple was coming in with hundreds of movies -- many still in the plastic. Richland PD says this kind of crime happens more than you'd think.

Reporter: "Do you anticipate crimes like this to go up? go down?"

Captain Mike Cobb: "Well, I anticipate crimes like this as long as people are successful at receiving money for the stolen goods, to main at a very high rate."

Jaime Manis and Richard Crouchet were booked for trafficking stolen property. Hastings anticipates losses on buying the stolen DVDs to be in the thousands. Walmart says it has the couple on surveillance video shoplifting from its stores.