Crews working to make snowy streets safe

Crews working to make snowy streets safe »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Nothing says it's officially winter like a good dumping of snow. While most of us were sleeping off Christmas, crews were hard at work trying to clear the streets for drivers in the morning.

Dick Harris didn't have trouble driving today. He said, "Oh, it was fine, I'm used to this."

Not every driver is used to it. That's why crews laid down de-icer after clearing most of the snow. Ice is the big risk if the streets refreeze.
For now, primary streets get the most attention.

There are no plans so far to clear residential streets. Neighbors will have to clear their own paths, carve out driveways and even parts of the streets themselves.

Crews are counting on mother nature to do her part, hoping most of this slush will melt away before a freeze sets in.

Dick said, "I grew up in Montana and we had a lot of heavy snow and ice. This is fine compared to that."

Crews want to make sure it stays that way. Secondary roads aren't being ignored. City workers are checking them looking for any problem areas hit with heavier snow. They'll call out the snow plows if necessary to make sure at least emergency crews have access.

WSDOT has been managing the highways and bridges. They've been on them for a few weeks.

Dick said, "You just got to learn how to cope with the driving in this conditions."

Especially since there's plenty more winter left.

There were no major accidents reported due to bad driving conditions. There just weren't that many drivers out over the Christmas holiday.