Crews prepare for Water Follies

Crews prepare for Water Follies »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The last week of July means one thing: water follies is right around the corner!

This week crews are installing cranes, laying down the course track, and landscaping the grounds at Columbia Park. Race Director John Culver says they are already full steam ahead:

“We're gonna be down here all week. Monday we got all the module trailers coming in. Fencing is getting finished up. As the week progresses, up until Thursday when all the boats come in, there'll be a lot of stuff going on down here in preparation for that,” he says.

Organizers tell us they'll be introducing new, smaller hydro planes this year. They also say the air show will also look a little different--- but not necessarily for the better. The government sequestration means no military aircraft will take to the skies this year.