Couple celebrates 75th anniversary

Couple celebrates 75th anniversary
RICHLAND -- In an age of divorces, fly-by-night relationships, and marital troubles, this should give you some inspiration. A Richland couple is celebrating their diamond white anniversary.

And if you don't know which one that is, we don't blame you, because it doesn't happen a lot.

If you were to ask Gladys and Bernard McClain how they met, they would tell you like it was yesterday.

“We met on a blind date-- I think it was a square dance if I remember right. It's a long time ago,” say Gladys and Bernard.

A long time ago is putting it modestly, because Gladys and Bernard are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.

"I think when there were times they could have called it quits, they just simply didn't do it," says Linda Bauer.

She spoke to her parents’ ability to work through the hard times.

“Mom said, nope we're going to stick it out, then it sort of got to be a habit," she added.

Gladys and Bernard lived through the Great Depression and World War Two, but their children say, even the worst times never stop them from taking care of each other.

“One will get a little down or a little frail or ill and the other one will just, take care of them. Mom just feel and broke her arm and dad's been just like a mother hen with her,” Linda continued.

Even their grand kids, who have children of their own, talk about what it was like growing up with such caring and loving grandparents.

“They've always just been fabulous grandparents. You know, they would let us eat donuts for breakfast and do all the fun things that grandparents are supposed to do," says Liz Pearson, one of Gladys and Bernard’s grandchildren.

When asked if they have any advice for young couples, Bernard jumped in.

“You're better off not to listen to anybody and just take it on your own. We just take it one day at a time," They says.

The McClains say they are already looking forward to their 80th anniversary. The couple still makes it to their family's Sunday night dinners every week.

It's a wonderful reminder that true love really can last a life-time.